Dell Compellent - That's Fluid Data. VMware Resource Center
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See how Dell Compellent Fluid Data storage actually works, on its own and integrated with vSphere, by watching on-demand product demos. Then contact us to set up a live demonstration for you and your colleagues.

On-Demand Product Demos

Managing Servers and Storage Together Through the vSphere Client

  • Leveraging vSphere plug-in integration to create, map and manage volumes for VMFS datastores and RDMs, schedule snapshots, select tiering profiles and configure volume replications directly through the vSphere 4.1 client

Integrating vCenter into Enterprise Manager

  • Using Enterprise Manager to create and format volumes for VMFS datastores and collect detailed VM storage statistics from vCenter

Initial System Configuration

  • Setting up the Storage Center SAN for the first time in minutes

Adding Storage on the Fly

  • Scaling storage by adding new drives to a live system without downtime

Intelligent Data Tiering

  • Configuring automated data lifecycle management using storage profiles

Rapid Local Recovery

  • Recovering a deleted file in seconds from a Dell Compellent Replay

Establishing Remote Replication

  • Setting up replication between primary and remote sites in just a few clicks

Recovering Critical Applications

  • Testing recovery of volumes at remote sites on demand without disruption

Maximizing Storage Efficiency and Utilization

  • Leveraging current consumption, long-term growth and tiering distribution reports

Tracking Economic and Environmental Savings

  • Using Dell Compellent chargeback and green savings reports

Live Product Demos

Request a Storage Center Demo

  • Schedule an in-person or web-based demonstration of the Compellent SAN from a Compellent representative

vSphere Plug-in Demo

Learn how to leverage the vSphere plug-in to streamline storage management through the vSphere client

Compellent - The future is fluid.

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