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Get Up To Speed On Our VMware Alliance

Access educational materials about the Dell Compellent and VMware alliance. You’ll learn just how Dell Compellent Fluid Data storage complements VMware server virtualization, including real-world stories from mutual customers.

Partner Solution Brief

VMware and Dell Compellent

  • Overview of VMware and Dell Compellent alliance, including summary of solution integration

White Paper

7 Ways Dell Compellent Optimizes VMware

  • Deeper look at how Dell Compellent complements VMware environments and detailed information about solutions integration

Technical Solution Brief

Test Apps in a Snap

  • Technical deep dive into real-world customer example of testing software upgrades in a VMware environment using Dell Compellent Replays

Customer Stories

Gaston County

  • Local government agency chooses Dell Compellent and VMware as foundation of highly available enterprise environment


  • Surgical solutions provider supports VMware environment with Dell Compellent SAN

HSE University Hospital Galway

  • Academic medical center supports rapid patient data growth with Dell Compellent and VMware virtualization

Webcasts & Videos

Virtual Storage for VMware Virtual Servers

  • See how the Dell Compellent virtual storage platform helps speed storage provisioning for virtual machines, minimizes disk capacity, automates disaster recovery, and provides a shared storage pool available to all VMs all the time.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions from Dell and VMware

  • Dell and VMware deliver end-to-end virtualized infrastructure solutions that help achieve a simplified, efficient -effective, and service-oriented IT environment

Upcoming Webinars

Join the Dell Compellent channel on BrightTALK and attend upcoming live webinars
Date: September 8th, 11am central
Speaker: Nick Sweere, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Dell Compellent

Optimizing Storage Tiering & Replication in a VMware Environment

  • Server virtualization enhances IT flexibility while reducing costs. Your storage should do the same. Join this session to explore best practices for implementing enterprise storage virtualization in a VMware environment. Understand how to enhance manageability, accelerate provisioning and streamline disaster recovery with the vSphere client plug-in, bundled Site Recovery Manager 5 and support for vCenter server integration. See these technologies in action and get peer feedback on best practices in real-world implementations. The practical advice in this session will help you:

    1. Understand best practices for implementing tiered storage in a VMware environment
    2. Learn how to leverage thin provisioning to support VDI implementations
    3. Learn how to establish automated recovery with storage replication and SRM


vSphere Plug-in Demo

Learn how to leverage the vSphere plug-in to streamline storage management through the vSphere client

Compellent - The future is fluid.

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